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South Africa and the Anglo-American Corporation: Africa’s Liberation from the Rhodes’ Legacy is Now

Presentation by PD Lawton – topics discussed: political leverage by South Africa`s largest and oldest corporation, HIV AIDS – Dr Nancy Turner Banks, Black Economic Empowerment, Robert Sobukwe, ESKOM and the attack on South African industrial capacity

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

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Patrice Lumumba Speech in Accra, Ghana, in 1958

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Down with colonialism and imperialism!
Down with racism and tribalism!
And long live the Congolese nation, long live independent Africa!
-Lumumba in 1958

Patrice Lumumba Speech in Accra, Ghana, in 1958

Patrice Lumumba

Every June 30, we commemorate

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Une discussion iconoclaste sur l’AFRIQUE CENTRALE, née d’une lecture non conventionnelle de l’ouvrage de la journaliste britannique Michela Wrong. REVUE du nouveau et remarquable livre de la journaliste britannique Michela

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William Engdahl on CIA, Arab world, Arab spring, religious fanaticism

always excellent to hear from William Engdahl, one of the greatest analysts

Source: Post Globilization Initiative

William Engdahl on CIA, Arab world, Arab spring, religious fanaticism

11 July 2013

William Engdahl during his visit in Moscow within the Initiative Postglobalization delivered a lecture devoted to shale revolution, Arab spring and Read the rest

How BlackRock Created the Global Energy Crisis

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INTERVIEW – F. William Engdahl: How BlackRock Created the Global Energy Crisis

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on Nov. 22, 2022, author and geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl reveals how multi-trillion dollar BlackRock investment fund boss … Read the rest


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Sébastien Périmony, le 25 juin 2023.

J’avais publié récemment une revue du livre de Guillaume Blanc, L’invention du colonialisme vert1 dans lequel j’avais inventé le théorème de Bruntland que je vous ré-expose ici en introduction :

« Cyril est à Paris, ferme son appartement et

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Alex Krainer on the emerging world disruption of the old world order

one of the most decent and brilliant financial advisors, Alex Krainer, in conversation with Vanessa Beeley who exposed the UK/US role in the ongoing Syrian war

Source: vanessa beeley

Alex discusses many topics from BRICS to Global Britain’s decline and US waning hegemony My wide-ranging conversation with Alex Krainer author Read the rest


extremely detailed and interesting conversation about  the most important issues for South Africa. As Hugo points out France has re-nationalized EDF and is building more nuclear power stations.This interview continues with many highly interesting insights such as:

Nuclear provides baseload demand :the basis of industrializing the economy.
Zuma wanted to … Read the rest