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Prof Levi on the possible side effects of the Pfizer jab and Israeli politicians’ response

Due to the rising numbers of excess deaths across the world that are occurring in the most vaccinated populations, Israel has conducted a study of the side effects. This is a clipped version of the full interview. In other news, it has been announced that the UK government will no … Read the rest

Why Has Fighting in Ukraine Led to Food Emergencies in Africa?

re posted from                     AFRICA AND THE WORLD

What is needed to end food insecurity is for Africa nations to build their own robust agricultural and manufacturing sectors. There are oligarchical financial interests, steeped in the colonial mind-set, who do not want Africa nations to develop, to become industrialized. There are Read the rest

Africa Objects to Preliminary WHO Proposal to Supercede Sovereign Governments Worldwide

Source: 2nacheki

Africa Objects to US Proposals on Controversial IHR (WHO) Amendments

4 June 2022


Welcome to 2nacheki news. In a rare show of African power and solidarity, several African member states have objected to proposed International Health Regulations amendments, discussed at the World Health Assembly 75 this week, Read the rest

It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies

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This time could really be the last time; these monsters in the labs, on the transnational panels, are so very skillful; and so powerful; and their dark work is so extensive.

If God is there — again — after all the times that we have Read the rest