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Of Minds and Men- On Universal History and the Creation of Aristocratic Men (Dr. Quan Le)

please take this chance to lift yourself and educate the mind. This lecture by Dr Quan Le with the Rising Tide Foundation takes the thought process of the Left-Right paradigm, of the `metacrisis`to an entirely different level. Dr Quan Le integrates ( meaning: makes whole) the human mind, our human … Read the rest

South Africa and the Anglo-American Corporation: Africa’s Liberation from the Rhodes’ Legacy is Now

PD Lawton interview with Matt Ehret of the Canadian Patriot Press and co-founder of the inspiring and beautiful Rising Tide Foundation. Discussed: HIV-AIDS, Rhodes City of London legacy, corporations rule

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

Jun 25,
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Why is the Scientific Community Silent on Vaccine Injuries?

to listen to uncensored interviews visit link below video

Source: Vejon Health

28 July 2023

This clip is from an interview with Dr Shankara Chetty, “Unleashed on Covid”, which was censored on YouTube.

Watch full interview here:…Read the rest

DAY 1 – Post Vax/Long Covid Congress – The Silent Disaster, SAT 26th AUG 2023

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING. click on link below for unedited conference

Source: Vejon Health

26 August 2023


Bringing some of the best researchers together from across the world to expand Read the rest