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For Your Vital Understanding of COVID-19 : The Day Dr. Chetty Almost Died!

but what that taught me, Philip, was that even the slightest influence on the genetic species diversity of a population IS an extinction-wide event.”

Source: Vejon Health

27 June

In this video, Dr Shankara Chetty shares his recent health scare, after being admitted Read the rest

Silenced South African Covid Experts Finally Allowed to Speak Out!

an incredible interview with a GP who clearly loves his community and cares for his patients! Isn`t that what medicine used to be about?!

Source: Vejon Health

11 May 2024

In this exclusive interview, silenced Covid expert (Dr Ellapen Rapiti – South Read the rest

Of Minds and Men- On Universal History and the Creation of Aristocratic Men (Dr. Quan Le)

please take this chance to lift yourself and educate the mind. This lecture by Dr Quan Le with the Rising Tide Foundation takes the thought process of the Left-Right paradigm, of the `metacrisis`to an entirely different level. Dr Quan Le integrates ( meaning: makes whole) the human mind, our human … Read the rest