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Huge Strategic Defeat – Making New Enemies | Dmitry Orlov

exceptionally interesting interview about Palesine/Israel and Ukraine. How White House polititians launder money on their visits to Ukraine and much much more

Source: Dialogue Works

5 December 2023

Dmitry Orlov was born in Leningrad, USSR, into an academic family, and Read the rest


Source: Zimasa “mooshtaffa” Vabaza

The story of Coal in SA is the story of Africa’s most industrialized economy fighting for its competitive industrial advantage in a world that is saying we should stop using our most important resource because they spent the last 100 years building their economies while messing Read the rest

Opposition to the Unbundling of Eskom: Submission to Parliament South Africa, ELECTRICITY REGULATION AMENDMENT BILL (B23-2023)

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I oppose the current move by the South African Government precisely because I have studied the history of unbundling in the developing world, the success stories, and the failures.

For instance, the World Bank’s comprehensive assessment titled: Rethinking Power Sector Reform in the Read the rest

COP 28 and Neocolonial tools : Jusper Machogu

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COP 28 Day 6

Yet Another Big Announcement By The UN!

Let’s talk about green Hydrogen!

Neocolonial tool number 2 had a tiny Energy density when compared to diesel (960,000 times)!

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The Peoples Government of Rwanda in Exile (GREX) . The Peoples Government of Rwanda in Exile has been organized to challenge the one-party “president for life” regime in Rwanda headed by Paul Kagame and controlled by Kagame and the other extremists of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)

Source: ISINIJURU TV… Read the rest

UNDICTATED: SA’s lost nuclear opportunity ready for comeback, can end blackouts

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In this episode of UNDICTATED, Kemm offers context into why nuclear went off the rails in SA – and why the country may finally be ready to cash in on its world-class expertise and in some areas, global leadership.

UNDICTATED: SA’s lost nuclear opportunity ready

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