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MDM December 2022 Progress Video Standard Gauge Railway Line From Morogoro to Makutupora

I LOVE THIS!!!!  This is the new paradigm for Africa. Electrified, super modern, super fast railway blasting its way from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to Burundi, Eastern Congo, Rwanda and then on across Congo to Congo Brazzaville on the Atlantic coast! What`s not to love???

Source: Yapi Merkezi

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Tshisekedi is Turning the Tables

Tshisekedi is Turning the Tables in Favour of Congo

by PD Lawton 29 January 2023

President of the DRC, Felix Tshisekedi, is turning the political tables of the Great Lakes, in classic Mobutu style.

The DRC government in recent times began calling a spade a spade, in naming Rwanda as … Read the rest



by PD Lawton , 5 November 2022

Africa is one continent, one people, and one nation. The notion that in order to have a nation it is necessary for there to be a common language, a common territory and common culture has Read the rest

Tanzania: September 2022 Progress Video Standard Gauge Railway Line From Morogoro to Makutupora

progress report from the Turkish construction company contracted to build the ELECTRIC high speed railway from Dar es Salaam to the Great Lakes. In this video you can see construction of high voltage sub-stations, the near completion of Dodoma passenger train station and the incredible scenery, including baobabs, of central … Read the rest

DRC’s decision on Rwandan ambassador: Nixon Katembo

DRC expels Rwandan Ambassador. M23 take town in North Kivu, Kiwanja. DRC does military deal with Russia.

Source: SABC

31 October 2022

The Democratic Republic of Congo has given the Rwandan ambassador 48 hours in which to leave the country. The DRC Read the rest

Railway for Peace: Burundian President Drums Support for Burundi-DRC-Tanzania Railway

re posted from                                RAIL-BUS

Burundi and the DRC had signed on Saturday August 20, 2022 in Kinshasa in the DRC a bilateral agreement for implementation financing and a request for financing to be sent to the AfDB for the feasibility studies for the construction of the standard gauge railway, Gitega-Bujumbura-Uvira-Kindu … Read the rest

The TPLF is a Proxy War Against Ethiopia: John Philpot on OBN

“The Western powers trump up stories about genocide and human rights. Those are the code words for intervening in the internal affairs. The TPLF have absolutely no sovereign legitimacy in your country now.”

“It is a proxy war organized by the United States against Ethiopia, trying to put into power … Read the rest

African Development Funded by the Pan African Tax

Burundian author, Christophe Ndayiragije joins Ethiopian OBN Future Africa to discuss his proposal for Africa to self-finance key infrastructure. He is the author of a revolutionary book : AFRICA The Rising Economic Power.

Source: OBN Oromiyaa [Oromia Broadcasting Network]

FUTURE AFRICA With Christophe Ndayiragije

9 May 2022… Read the rest

Nixon Katembo: DRC Peace Talks | First round of talks with rebel groups conclude in Kenya

brilliant political analysis from Nixon Katembo

Source: SABC News

DRC Peace Talks | First round of talks with rebel groups conclude in Kenya

30 April 2022

The DRC government has concluded the first round of peace talks in Nairobi with representatives of several armed groups operating in the Democratic Republic Read the rest