The following is quoted from ” Sobukwe, the Making of a Pan Africanist Leader, Volume 1 “,

by Thami Ka Plaatjie

Address given at Fort Hare College to the graduating class, 21 October 1949

“Education to us means service to Africa. In whatever branch of learning you are there for Africa. You have a mission; we all have a mission. A nation to build we have, a God to glorify, a contribution clear to make towards the blessing of mankind. We must be the embodiment of our people’s aspirations. And all we are required to do is to show the light and the masses` will and the way. Watch our movements keenly and if you see any signs of “broad-mindedness” or “reasonableness” in us, or if you hear us talk of practical experience as a modifier of man`s views, denounce us as traitors to Africa.

We will watch you too. We have been reminded time and again that fellows who, while at College, were radicals, as soon as they got outside became the spineless stooges and screeching megaphones of ” white Herrenvolkism” or else became disgruntled and disillusioned objects of pity. My contention is: those fellows never were radicals. They were anti-white. And, as Marcus Garvey says: “You cannot grow beyond your thoughts. If your thoughts go skin-deep, your mental development will remain skin-deep. “Moreover a doctrine of hate can never take people anywhere. It is too exacting. It warps the mind. That is why we preach the doctrine of love, love for Africa. We can never do enough for Africa, nor can we love her enough. The more we do for her, the more we wish to do. and I am sure that i am speaking for the whole of young Africa when i say that we are prepared to work with any man who is fighting for the liberation of Africa WITHIN OUR LIFE-TIME”