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The Keynes vs von Hayek Debate: A False Dualism with Malthusian Characteristics

In my recent article ‘Steve Bannon and China’s Deep State’, readers were introduced to several operatives who are serving as controlled opposition with the intention of corralling the conservative groups of the USA and Europe into a weaponized anti-Chinese mob. This study took us into the corridors of the power within forces of the black nobility representing ancient power structures that gave rise to the Crusades, the synthetic cult known as the Jesuits and neo feudalist aspirations for global governance.

Just as the anti-religious Bolshevik left vs Catholic fascists of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Pan Europa right was orchestrated a century ago by oligarchical grand strategists yearning to corral humankind into a neo-feudal order, the same formula was used during the 20th century to create a false dualism in the economic field which has served to undermine any authentic anti imperial resistance to transhumanism – especially since World War II.

I am here referring to the pervasive influence of a polarization launched in 1932 as a “debate” between two London-based Malthusian economists.

One extreme that deeply sculpted the minds of “leftists” of the Trans Atlantic world was top-down economist named John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) while the other extreme which went on to mold the thinking of the “conservative right” during the Cold War was found in the “bottom up” advocate of personal liberty, Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992).

The constants among both apparent opponents (who remained friends throughout their lives) were that 1) neither believed that INTENTION or MIND should govern economic policy (Keynes believed in arbitrary “make work” which could not differentiate between the qualitative difference of a $100 paycheck to a digger of random holes vs $100 paycheck to an engineer building a dam), and 2) both believed equally in the universal validity of Malthus’ population theories, and of Bernard Mandeville’s satanic belief that personal vice creates public virtue. Both theories have underpinned British/Hapsburg imperial grand strategy for over two centuries.

It is also important to hold in mind that the 1932 Keynes vs Hayek debate emerged at a time that the world government agenda driven by the Bank of England and League of Nations were on the ascendency. This operation, in which both Keynes and von Hayek were thoroughly enmeshed, demanded fascist regimes control the world under a “scientifically managed” bankers’ dictatorship.

One month after the London Times October 17, 1932 publication began to print arguments from proponents of both schools of thought on how to best end the depression, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to the U.S. presidency.

As I outlined in How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship, with Roosevelt’s presidential victory, a specific form of political economy was restored in the United States that had nothing to do with either school of Keynes or Hayek and everything to do with something uniquely embedded in the U.S. Constitutional traditions that petrified the hereditary empires of Europe’s old nobility.

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The Keynes vs von Hayek Debate: A False Dualism with Malthusian Characteristics