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South Africa: Mantashe Continues to Fight for Energy Sovereignty

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“You will know that we are working on a request for proposals for 2 500 MW of nuclear and sites have been identified . . . therefore we are hoping that at a point we will have more nuclear power around us.”

He even argued … Read the rest

Good For Minister Gwede! South Africa is Winning the Right to Stay Industrialized

Good For Gwede! South Africa is Winning the Right to Stay Industrialized

by PD Lawton    23 April 2023

Minister Gwede Mantashe at Klipspruit Colliery

Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, attended the recent opening of a new underground coal shaft at Klipspruit Colliery in the coal-rich Mpumalanga province … Read the rest

NUM backs Mantashe on pro-coal stance

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NUM backs Mantashe on pro-coal stance

Labour union the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has expressed its support for Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe’s pro-coal stance, alleging “coercion” is being employed to move the country away from the carbon-intensive fuel, driven … Read the rest

NASA Engineer Tom Moser Reveals the Truth About Climate Science

Truths About Climate Change:

Global temperature and CO2 levels cycle!
Temperature changes are caused primarily by the sun!
Mother Nature is in control not humans !
The amount of human produced CO2 in the atmosphere is extremely small!
“97% of scientists consensus” that humans control climate is NOT true!

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Stop Using Eskom as a Political Football

Stop Using Eskom as a Political Football

PD Lawton Interview

with Knox Msebenzi MA, MSc, MBA

Knox Msebenzi is the Managing Director Of the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA); Former Projects Manager of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa ( NESCA). He holds a degree in Engineering Read the rest

Banks Keep South Africa Stuck in a Solar Rut

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No, that is all marketing guff, to make both customers and investors feel warm and fuzzy about entrusting them with their money. Banks are cold, hard capitalist institutions, motivated only by profit. They reckon they can rapidly rig up solar plants on the cheap, with … Read the rest

South Africa May be Undergoing the Greatest Economic and Political Shift Since 1994

South Africa may be undergoing the greatest economic and political shift since 1994

by David Cherry ,        23 January 2022

The near-collapse of Eskom—the beating heart of the country—which had been allowed to happen by a combination of incompetence and oligarchic malevolence, may soon be turned around, thanks to the Read the rest

Energy Conference: South Africa needs a balance between different sources of energy

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He pointed out that South Africa has developed Small Modular Reactors, which is ideal for not only South Africa but also for other African countries.

He stressed that South Africans are highly competent in the field and appealed to African governments to develop the political

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