President Nana Akofu-Addo Calls on the International Community to Join in Building the African Market for the Sake of All

To our friends in Spain and Europe, I urge you to join us in building a continent of prosperity and societies of equal opportunities for all.”

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Ghana’s President Warns Africans Not to Fall for the Lie of a Better Life in Europe

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African Agripreneur : How I have created multiple revenue streams through silkworm farming

Timothy Mutugi is a silkworm agripreneur who has overcome many challenges and is now successfully running an agricultural-based business farming a particular breed of silkworm that is suited to his specific climate in Kenya and eats Castor plants that grow well in his region. Inspirational!

Source: Utmost Precision

How I

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Why Nuclear? A discussion with South African nuclear scientist Kelvin Kemm

Electricity consumption is going up. In the last 25 years approximately, world electricity consumption has doubled. Africa does not need less electricity it needs vastly increased amounts for poverty to be alleviated ! Electricity consumption corresponds with living standards. Electricity  is the power for development.

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