Creativity vs Empire: Peace Through Development in Africa [KPFK Radio Spotlight on Africa]

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

“I think one thing that the African governments as a whole, around the African Union, must do is make thinkers like Cheikh anta Diop popular. They need to be publishing all of his books on Pan Africanism, on the deep history of Africa, pre-colonial Africa; the … Read the rest

Springboard Into the Future: The Grand Inga Hydroelectric Project

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This article appears in the September 22, 2023 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Springboard Into the Future

The Grand Inga Hydroelectric Project

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Access to abundant energy is the first step in large-scale economic development.
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Is Australia already at war? / Foreign interference agents run FI scare

Source: Australian Citizens Party

Sep 15, 2023

1. Is Australia already at war?

2. The foreign interference scare is being run by agents of foreign interference

Presented by Robert Barwick and Richard BardonRead the rest

Prof. Georgy Toloraya : BRICS: A War Prevention Medicine

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So it’s not Russia and China which are isolated, which I hear often in different Western-sponsored forums, it’s rather the Western countries that are isolated. And BRICS, during this summit meeting, has shown its desire to accommodate the West. BRICS is not anti-Western. It’s Read the rest

Panel of Experts Discuss Significance of Ethiopia’s Historic 4th Filling of the GERD for Africa

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The world, the physical universe we live in, has changed; and our planet will never go back to the way it was before. The newly expanded BRICS, with its own Development Bank, is in its embryonic stage of becoming an alternative political-economic institution Read the rest