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Guinea, Mali Partner for Conakry-Kankan- Bamako Railway Line

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Madam Rose lauded the Transitional Government under the leadership of His Excellency Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, who considers the mobility needs of his people and their goods.

Guinea, Mali Partner for Conakry-Kankan-Bamako Rail Line

The governments of Guinea and Mali are working closely to develop and operationlised … Read the rest

OIC, African Group Revive Dakar-Port Sudan Railway Project

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“Ambassador Hameed Opeloyeru, the then OIC Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs, announced an alliance with the African Union as the sponsor of the Dakar-Djibouti transport project, which is similar to the OIC scheme.”

“The Dakar-Port Sudan railroad project, which OIC unveiled during the Islamic Summit … Read the rest

We can’t continue this game of fools that perpetuates great inequality in our relations by Doumbouya

Guinean President Colonel Mamady Doumbouya has issued a declaration to the mining companies in Guinea to implement resource beneficiation by building an aluminium smelter which will process Guinea`s vast reserves of high grade bauxite into aluminium. Resource beneficiation will not only provide productive employment but will end the cycle of Read the rest

Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty? PD Lawton RTF Lecture

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Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty? PD Lawton RTF Lecture

28 Dec 2021

In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture, Africa Agenda editor in chief PD Lawton takes you through a definitive history of Africa with a look to the future. PD introduces ancient African renaissance traditions that Read the rest

Africa`s Historic Day : January 1, 2021

Africa`s Historic Day : January 1, 2021

by PD Lawton   6 January 2021

We have to take active steps to dismantle the colonial economic model that we inherited and that we sustained over the last 50 years . We have to stop being exporters of primary products to countries Read the rest

China’s Involvement Pushes Forward Development of Huge Guinea Iron Deposit

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China’s Involvement Pushes Forward Development of Huge Guinea Iron Deposit

Nov. 16 (EIRNS)—Deep within the interior of Guinea lies the world’s largest and richest (65% pure) deposit of iron ore, located at Simandou. Since its discovery in the 1990s, the question has always … Read the rest