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The world hegemony of the United States ends?! Lavrov, Russia, Africa, Eritrea, Massawa

the sovereign equality of nations vs the liberal economic `rules based order`

order that is according to Washington and Westminster. Africa is wisely choosing the sovereign equality of nations and partners who offer real development . The world is really on the cusp of monumental changes and African countries aligning … Read the rest

Former Australian ambassador John Lander: The fiction of the China ‘threat’

The Western world no longer has minds of this calibre representing Western governments nor as representatives or those working for the UN or UN agencies. The Western political sphere has been infected from the WEF with a materialistic, war-mongering, green anti-human mentality that inverts truth and reason.

Source: Australian Citizens … Read the rest

PM Abiy Ahmed Raises the Bar for Human Rights in Ethiopia and the Region

PM Abiy Ahmed Raises the Bar for Human Rights in Ethiopia and the Region

Ethiopians celebrate Thanksgiving Festival in Addis. Image : IOL

by PD Lawton, 30 October 2022

The US State Department, the likes of Antony Blinken and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, do not see value in the human right to … Read the rest

Overcoming Geopolitical and Ideological Barriers to International Development Financing

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Nearly all energy policies being pursued under the guise of stopping “climate change” either ignore or misrepresent the science of energy, both by refusing to promote nuclear energy—the greatest CO2-free energy source—and by making impossible claims about the potential to develop a Read the rest

Implications of a new global reserve currency for BRICS counties

 highly informative interview. Redge Nkosi explains that being a key member of the BRICS alliance puts South Africa in a very optimistic and positive place. Professor Everisto Benyera points out that Gadaffi was murdered because he wanted to change African currency to a gold based system of real value.

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Chinese Built Railway Can`t Break Even in 50 Years – Kenyan Transport Minister

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“African countries are not just grappling with Chinese debt repayment, because African countries overall owe more to private sector creditors than to China,” he said. They are “having to juggle debt repayment to all their creditors, including Chinese creditors.”

Of the $696 billion owed by African Read the rest