Rowland Ataguba: Fast Track Continental Railway

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The African Integrated High Speed Rail Network-(AIHSRN) Will Revolutionize Africa’s Economies

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August 21, 2023

The African Union’s “Agenda 2063” includes plans for the African Integrated High Speed Rail Network (AIHSRN), a high speed rail line across Africa. However, their plan for completion is 40 years from now. Rowland Ataguba, a Nigerian expert in rail management, has proposed a different timetable, which includes two “Master Plans.” He proposes the completion of 35,828 kilometers (kms) of high-speed rail lines by 2033, and an additional  14,547 kms by 2043. (See above)

Why is Mr. Ataguba’s fast track schedule for this transformative rail project important for the African continent?

Why is Rail Infrastructure Crucial?  

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The African Integrated High Speed Rail Network-(AIHSRN) Will Revolutionize Africa’s Economies


An Integrated Railway Network In Africa

Source: Railways Africa Magazine

14 August 2020

There is a role that needs to be filled in order to see the full realisation of the African high-speed railway project. This is not necessarily brand new infrastructure. These in-country railway projects are already in various stages, complete, in construction, feasibility or under consideration. Rowland Ataguba, Managing Director of Bethlehem Rail Infrastructure Limited provides insights into the projects, scenario planning and what needs to be done to ensure that the benefits flow to the people of Africa and the bigger Africa vision. Valuable times has been lost, putting the Agenda 2063 behind schedule. There is a significant need for effective delivery and restructuring of finance and the conditions thereof. The African Integrated High-Speed Railway Network (AIHSRN) project is a flagship project of the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063. It basically aims at facilitating the achievement of the AU Vision of integrating Africa physically and economically.

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