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African Agripreneur : How I have created multiple revenue streams through silkworm farming

Timothy Mutugi is a silkworm agripreneur who has overcome many challenges and is now successfully running an agricultural-based business farming a particular breed of silkworm that is suited to his specific climate in Kenya and eats Castor plants that grow well in his region. Inspirational!

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How I

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The World’s Wealthiest Poor Continent

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The World`s Wealthiest Poor Continent

by Anselm Adodo            November 1 , 2020

The western, capitalist narrative that Agriculture will save Africa is false and misleading. No nation has ever become developed by focusing on subsistence farming or Agriculture. The surest way to wealth creation is … Read the rest

Nigeria and Africa Railways Webinar

Nigeria and Africa Railways Webinar

Railway Roundtable Webinar

write up by PD Lawton

Presented here is a very informative, creative and inspirational roundtable discussion on rail infrastructure and its relationship, present and potential, with the economy. The webinar was organized and hosted by Olawale A-Rasheed, Director of the Policy Advocacy … Read the rest

Horn of Africa Endangered by Untrue Media Attacks on Ethiopia

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Horn of Africa Endangered by Untrue Media Attacks on Ethiopia

by Lawrence Freeman

February 4, 2021

In January 2021, the world witnessed a barrage of attacks on Ethiopia aimed at undermining the efforts of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to preserve the sovereignty … Read the rest