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The Silent Revolution in African Rail

“The real friends of Africa now are those trying to bridge the infrastructure deficit…..China has done it. It has pumped billions of dollars into the Belt and Road Initiative. Now, whatever critisism they have on that initiative, it has helped Africa. It has opened up Africa and it has challenged Read the rest

U.S Sanctions on Ethiopia are an Attack on Regional Development

U.S intervention in Ethiopia is undermining regional development in the Horn of Africa as Ethiopia will become sub-Saharan Africa`s second largest producer of electricity through the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam ( GERD) which will supply 6.2 GW for Ethiopia and for neighbouring states including South Sudan, Kenya and The Sudan… Read the rest

Ethiopia`s Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD): A PRIDE FOR ALL OF AFRICA

“Having reliable electricity is the backbone of industrialization”…” Without electricity transformation of the economy and the coming out of poverty, is impossible…Energy is everything”

Watch this video to see the incredible scale of this mega engineering project which is self funded by the Ethiopian State! It is going to … Read the rest

Energy Highways Uniting East and Southern African States !

this is a really positive promotional video by the Kenyan transmission company. Great idea to get the public motivated and proud of all the transformative infrastructure projects that are being achieved! The southern African electricity pool is now connecting to the east African electricity pool, connecting South Africa to Zambia … Read the rest

ENERGY for Africa : The Power to Industrialize and Reach Zero Poverty

ENERGY for Africa : The Power to Industrialize and Reach Zero Poverty

by PD Lawton    16 May 2021


Prof. Benjamin Jabez Botwe Nyarko, Director General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), recently made the point that nuclear energy is the best way of achieving reduction of poverty in Read the rest

African Agripreneur : How I have created multiple revenue streams through silkworm farming

Timothy Mutugi is a silkworm agripreneur who has overcome many challenges and is now successfully running an agricultural-based business farming a particular breed of silkworm that is suited to his specific climate in Kenya and eats Castor plants that grow well in his region. Inspirational!

Source: Utmost Precision

How I

Read the rest