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Le Nucléaire en Afrique – Voir l’Afrique avec les yeux du futur #2

Source: Sebastien Perimony

29 Janvier 2023

Emission qui présente le développement du #nucleaire en #afrique par Sébastien #Périmony . Déjà de nombreux pays africains ont lancé leur propre programme de #nucleaire civil ( #egypte #ghana #éthiopie #kenyaRead the rest

The Voices of Truth: A Candid Conversation About Afrika

Msingi Afrika are back to bring us more beauty, optimism, intellect and everything that is driving the new paradigm!

Source: Msingi Afrika TV

The Voices of Truth: A Candid Conversation About Afrika

28 August 2022

In the changing global landscape where nations are gradually corralling their citizens into tighter and Read the rest

Princy Mthombeni: Nuclear Technology for Africa`s Agenda for Sustainable Development

A kettle boiled twice a day by a family in Britain uses 5x as much electricity as a person in Mali uses per year
An Ethiopian takes 87x longer to consume 150kW hours of electricity than someone in the United Kingdom
A Tanzanian takes 8 years to consume as much Read the rest

Nuclear Power A Necessity for Africa’s Economic Growth

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Nuclear Power A Necessity for Africa’s Economic Growth

Nigeria and Ghana making nuclear power part of their future


A nuclear power plant

A nuclear power plant

March 12, 2021

It is essential that African nations advance their plans to build nuclear plants as part of their Read the rest

African Continental High Speed Railway : Progress Update

Transport costs within the continent are some of the highest in the world because of the chronic infrastructure deficit. That MAKES POVERTY !

Source:The New Africa Channel

Railway development in Africa: 9 most impressive completed and ongoing railway projects in Africa

16 Jan 2022

Railway development in Africa: 9 most Read the rest

Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty? PD Lawton RTF Lecture

Source: Rising Tide Foundation

Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty? PD Lawton RTF Lecture

28 Dec 2021

In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture, Africa Agenda editor in chief PD Lawton takes you through a definitive history of Africa with a look to the future. PD introduces ancient African renaissance traditions that Read the rest

President Nana Akofu-Addo at COP26 : Make African Economic Development Part of the Solution instead of Condeming it!

“…Those same nations are, however, insisting that we abandon the opportunity for rapid development of our economies. That would be tantamount to enshrining in the global community, inequality of the highest order, a totally unacceptable conclusion. We must find a solution that is equitable and fair. A solution … Read the rest

How The City of London Has Kept Africa Underdeveloped and Poor – PD Lawton Presentation Interview

Source: Jason Liosatos Outside The Box… Read the rest

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo Calls for a New Economic System

“Even before the pandemic, many had concluded that the current structure of global economic cooperation designed some 77 years ago, has proven inadequate to finance infrastructure and economic transformation in developing countries. Given the incapacity of the global financial system to produce the necessary outcomes to finance sustainable development we … Read the rest