Towards an Industrialization Plan for South Africa

the following are some of the key points made by Hugo Kruger, civil nuclear engineer and Crown Prince Adil Nchabeleng, independent energy expert , both South African patriots

Why are we being denied the obvious solution to which we have the expertize, which is nuclear power?



Wind and Solar are not feasible for Mankind

They are destroying the bedrock of our civilization by destroying coal

South Africa produces 1% of global CO2 emissions

Why is France, South Korea building more nuclear? Why is it not part of the green narrative that nuclear is CO2 free?

The National Party under Apartheid industrialized South Africa by creating a state-owned power utility, Eskom and other state –owned ( NATIONALIZED) entities for manufacturing and essential services like water, rail and communications. Nowadays misguided South Africans equate nationalization with apartheid!

How can you have someone own your drinking water privately!?

South African refinery sector is now all owned by foreign oil companies like BP, Total and Shell who are now running the show in terms of supply

France just nationalized EDF and are now going to build 6 new reactors

Germany regretting its dismantling of nuclear industry, running back to coal and buying off France

Today only 10% of South Africans can enjoy a comfortable standard of living

Over 60% of South Africans are now living below the poverty line

At the end of Apartheid, agent provocateurs, guided South Africa towards policies of DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION. This DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION process has seen rampant PRIVATIZATION of national assets. The privatization of Eskom will be the last nail in the coffin for South Africa`s economy.

IPPs ( Independent Power Producers/Renewables) take or pay agreements. When there are not even any transmission lines to take the power. Eskom still has to pay!!! That is daylight robbery. If you try to talk about this on TV they shut you out because what you say upsets the advertisers. Because the SAME PEOPLE who are behind the shows on TV are the SAME PEOPLE behind the IPPs.

Communities in South Africa being left with nothing when their core industry is closed down, every aspect of life affected

Land reform : how media spins this. Tribal land for the majority still not recovered back from British annexation. Find an amicable way where both land-owners and communities can benefit. RENEWABLES/GREEN ENERGY IS PRETEXED ON LAND. IS THIS SIMPLY A LAND GRAB BY THE PEOPLE BEHIND IPPs?

And yet rural communities NEVER given opportunity to start their own IPPs. Empower communities.

Most of South Africa`s food is exported, lower quality only for domestic use

Coal is the cheapest option for now. Use coal and start building nuclear all around the coast, PMRs inland

Coal has major industrial applications (including the construction of nuclear power plants)which are still needed:

You need COAL to make CEMENT (fly ash)

You need COAL to make STEEL

30% of inputs into making SOLAR PANELS is from COAL – Ingots of SILICA are made from COAL

START DEFINING MINERAL RESOURCES BY THEIR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION and then weigh up against environmental impact. Stop weighing it against EMOTIONAL CONTEXT

DE-GROWTH /DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION because they do not want to pay towards the infrastructure they have left in ruins:

Americans, British, French all have interests in South Africa but the Germans and Belgians are leading the parade, the Germans are literally the scouts of this DE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF SOUTH AFRICA

Germany`s and South Africa`s industrial capacity has been on a par. South Africa has been able to produce what Germany could. THEREFORE it is for GEOPOLITICAL REASONS they push DE-GROWTH

Actually South Africa is far better in terms of automotive manufacturing for cost of unit production

PASS A LAW ON Environmental groups: NGOs funded to the tune of billions by foreign oligarchs

Source: Hugo Kruger

18 June 2023

In conversation with Crown Prince Adil Nchabeleng, South African Independent Energy Expert, on an Industrialization Plan for South Africa that includes Nuclear Power and clean HELE coal.



Source: Morning Shot

South Africa must leave the Commonwealth model

22 July 2023