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BRICS summit mulling expansion to forge counterweight to West

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The BRICS is trying to create a “more inclusive” international order that “addresses the existing fault lines on the global geopolitical, geo-economic and financial architecture,” said South Africa’s Ambassador to BRICS, Anil Sooklal, in an interview with Japan Times.

“What you’re seeing here is that these

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Russia and Africa to Enjoy Productive and Good Relations in our New Multipolar World

Russia and Africa to enjoy productive and good relations in our new multipolar world

by PD Lawton , 23 March 2023

Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and President of the Transitional Legislative Assembly of Burkina Faso Ousmane Bougouma. Image: State Duma

We are convinced that Africa will

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The Importance of Nioussérê Kalala Omotunde’s Work

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The Importance of Nioussérê Kalala Omotunde’s Work

Today, education in Africa is Eurocentric, meaning that African history is rarely well-taught in African schools. In Francophone Africa, the school manuals are written by Frenchmen on the continent, or in

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$1.55 billion Mvuma steel plant in Zimbabwe reaches 40% completion

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Benson Xu, the company’s chief executive officer, recently stated that an explosion in infrastructure projects in Africa had fueled demand for steel products, which his company would be able to meet.

$1.55 billion Mvuma steel plant in Zimbabwe reaches 40% completion

23 September 2022

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We travel to Harare with returning Zimbabweans

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Another passenger said sarcastically, “Thank you South Africa for having given me the opportunity to see the ocean and ships. I am from a landlocked country. I will not return because the ANC government has turned xenophobic. They have lost the confidence of the people Read the rest

African Countries move ahead with New Currencies: The Case of Gold as Currency in Zimbabwe

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The coins are expected to act as a ‘store of value and to reduce the demand for US dollars’ – something that has been blamed for the weakening value of the local currency.

African Countries move ahead with New Currencies: The Case of Gold as

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Presentation by Arthur Mutambara: The 3 Pillars of Future Africa

A brilliantly motivational, instructive and humorous presentation by Arthur Guseni  Mutambara , renowned Zimbabwean politician.

Future Africa will have : Shared Economic Prosperity, Shared Economic Growth, Technology Driven Success

Supported by the 3 pillars: the 4th Industrial Revolution and technology in general, Continental Integration, Decolonized thought leadership

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