Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa hires hundreds of Indian Mercenaries from Mozambique


Mar 5, 2024

WATCH LIVE: Mnangagwa hires hundreds of Indian Mercenaries from Mozambique Topics 1. Hundreds of Indian Mercenaries have been deported from Zimbabwe. The unit was brought into Zimbabwe by President Mnangagwa. 2. Mnangagwa’s advisor, Jorum Gumbo told the Newsday newspaper that he brought the Indian Mercenaries to meet with Mnangagwa. 3. Details of the meeting was leaked to the Zimbabwe military. The unit has hundreds of members. 4. The unit was previously operating in Mozambique and is in Zimbabwe posing as mercenaries. 5. The mercenaries met Mnangagwa and has been operating clandestinely in Zimbabwe. 6. Security services have confiscated cars from the mercenaries. 7. Units have been put on standby by Mnangagwa who fears a coup 8. Mercenaries introduce a more serious threat to the security of the country and are illegal. 9. Mnangagwa guarded by senior officers in Victoria Falls. 10. Chiwenga has his own private security agreement with the Chinese. 11. Adelaide Chikunguru has written to Mnangagwa claiming that she was fired by Jenfan Muswere because she was related to Monica Mutsvangwa. 12. She also claimed that Muswere was asking her out through Whatsapp. 13. Nyasha Mushekwi joins Chinese club Yunnan Yukun, which is in the lower Chinese league. 14. Zimbabwe emergency sanctions removed and replaced by other even tighter sanctions on Mnangagwa dynasty members. 15. Chamisa tweet.


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