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Thoughts on an American-mediated settlement in Ethiopia

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The Need for a Media Force.  There is a need to proactively clarify Ethiopia’s position to the international community on an ongoing basis, supported by facts and figures.  To do this, the government must spearhead a well-organized, skilled media force to convince the world of Read the rest

Nuclear Power is Needed to Combat Energy Poverty- Gwede Mantashe

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“There must be a security of energy supply. Then we can navigate the transition more systematically. But if there is energy poverty, about 13 percent (of citizens) won’t access electricity at all. That is energy poverty.”

Mantashe says nuclear power is needed to combat energy poverty

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Ethiopia has hit out at the WHO Chief for his statement supporting the Tigrayan rebel forces

Ethiopia has slammed Tedros Gebreyesus head of the WHO, for using his position to spread misinformation about the conflict in Ethiopia. His comments are fuelling Washington`s efforts to destabilize Ethiopia and create regime change. Is he a man of integrity or not?

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Ethiopia has hit out at the

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African Continental High Speed Railway : Progress Update

Transport costs within the continent are some of the highest in the world because of the chronic infrastructure deficit. That MAKES POVERTY !

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Railway development in Africa: 9 most impressive completed and ongoing railway projects in Africa

16 Jan 2022

Railway development in Africa: 9 most Read the rest