Nuclear is Green Energy!

“We cannot remain underdeveloped countries forever. There has to be a paradigm shift.” Dr Napthali Mokgalapa

Nuclear energy is baseload. It is dispatchable and it is reliable in that it is available 24/7. Once a plant is built it provides energy security for the forseeable future.The lack of energy creates joblessness and poverty.

Source: Africa4Nuclear

30 Nov 2021

Nuclear for Africa’s Prosperity!


In this episode, Princy talks to Dr Napthali Mokgalapa, a nuclear engineer, about green energy and how nuclear energy fits in.

Africa4Nuclear is a platform that takes you through the evolution of energy and how nuclear energy and its range of applications have become a driving force that can improve lives all across Africa.

Princess ‘Princy’ Mthombeni is the receipt of the Women in Nuclear Global Excellence Award 2021, awarded by Women in Nuclear Global.

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