Nuclear Power is Needed to Combat Energy Poverty- Gwede Mantashe

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“There must be a security of energy supply. Then we can navigate the transition more systematically. But if there is energy poverty, about 13 percent (of citizens) won’t access electricity at all. That is energy poverty.”

Mantashe says nuclear power is needed to combat energy poverty

26 January 2022

MINERAL Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe yesterday reiterated his support of nuclear as part of the green transition while urging South Africa to follow in the footsteps of Europe and see the energy as part of the green transition since it doesn’t emit carbon.

Speaking at the North West provincial mining and energy investment conference, he said that while there was once a bad nuclear project in the country, nuclear was a required “technology of energy”.

“Unfortunately in SA, when you talk of nuclear everybody runs for cover. We had a 9 600 megawatt nuclear project that proved to be a disaster. Nuclear is a required technology for energy,” he said.

Mantashe was referring to South Africa’s disputed 9 600 MW, which was stopped by the courts after two NGOs challenged the way the state determined the country’s nuclear power needs. The plan would have seen South Africa purchasing 9 600 MW of extra nuclear power.

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