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Dr Judith Curry Puts Facts and Perspective into the Debate on Anthropogenic Climate Change

“Allow Africa to develop its own fossil fuel resources so they can develop. Right now their resources are being exploited and sent to Europe……and help them develop some infrastructure and then Africa can take off. But because of global warming and all that kind of stuff, the powers that be, … Read the rest

The Importance of Nioussérê Kalala Omotunde’s Work

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The Importance of Nioussérê Kalala Omotunde’s Work

Today, education in Africa is Eurocentric, meaning that African history is rarely well-taught in African schools. In Francophone Africa, the school manuals are written by Frenchmen on the continent, or in

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Guinea, Mali Partner for Conakry-Kankan- Bamako Railway Line

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Madam Rose lauded the Transitional Government under the leadership of His Excellency Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, who considers the mobility needs of his people and their goods.

Guinea, Mali Partner for Conakry-Kankan-Bamako Rail Line

The governments of Guinea and Mali are working closely to develop and operationlised … Read the rest


“AfCTA ( African Freetrade Continental Trade Area) cannot succeed if you do not have railway connectivity in Africa” – Olawale Rasheed, Director, National Chamber Policy Centre of Abuja

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Rail Conference Communique: African Nations Must Synergise on Rail Devt


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Energy Conference: South Africa needs a balance between different sources of energy

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He pointed out that South Africa has developed Small Modular Reactors, which is ideal for not only South Africa but also for other African countries.

He stressed that South Africans are highly competent in the field and appealed to African governments to develop the political

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President Putin to Valdai Club: Liberal Ideology Has Changed Beyond Recognition

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his article appears in the November 11, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

President Putin to Valdai Club: Liberal Ideology Has Changed Beyond Recognition

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