Robert Frost and the Cuban missile crisis [Gerald Therrien RTF Lecture]

JFK, the last great American president, sent a poet to Russia to make peace…how amazingly beautiful. Nowadays,  those who call for peace are called traitors. Incredibly moving and inspiring lecture, a message needed in current times

Source: Rising Tide Foundation

15 November 2022

1962, like today, was a very dangerous time in history, when the world faced the threat of nuclear war.

But we didn’t have nuclear war, because some people found a way out of the crisis.

In 1962 Kennedy sent American poet laureate Robert Frost to Moscow as an ambassador in a cultural exchange, an exchange of poets,

In the summer of 1962, before and even during a part of the October missile crisis, Frost played the role of peacemaker.

What happens when you allow poetry to enter the realm of politics?

On Sunday Nov. 13 the Rising Tide Foundation hosted historian Gerald Therrien who answers these questions and more

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