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The Politics of Environmental Fundamentalism

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The Politics of Environmental Fundamentalism

As the restrictions and obligations of biosecurity have mostly, but not entirely, been lifted since March 2022—while still being suspended over our necks like the axe of the fasces—their replacement by their

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‘The green agenda we’re being sold is absolutely not green` Neil Oliver

If you were going to set out deliberately to ensure the poorest people in the world, poorest countries, were kept in murderous poverty or newly cast into that hell, then you would deny them access to cheap energy while simultaneously undermining the ability of the developed world to produce

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Dancing the Macarena as UK fuel cuts threaten

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Last week this South African contingent put their names toward the report, “There is No Climate Emergency” alongside another +1000 equally brave and coherent professionals

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Birthing A New Nigeria Needs Those with New Mindsets

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The year 2030 (less than eight years from now) is a major spiritual turning point year for the entire world, based on, first, what the Most High God is doing, and secondly, how that which God is doing is being copied by the many machinations Read the rest