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Dancing the Macarena as UK fuel cuts threaten

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Last week this South African contingent put their names toward the report, “There is No Climate Emergency” alongside another +1000 equally brave and coherent professionals

The report is antiserum for the toxicity of the prevailing sentiment, which is being engineered by the same … Read the rest

Birthing A New Nigeria Needs Those with New Mindsets

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The year 2030 (less than eight years from now) is a major spiritual turning point year for the entire world, based on, first, what the Most High God is doing, and secondly, how that which God is doing is being copied by the many machinations Read the rest

Prof Levi on the possible side effects of the Pfizer jab and Israeli politicians’ response

Due to the rising numbers of excess deaths across the world that are occurring in the most vaccinated populations, Israel has conducted a study of the side effects. This is a clipped version of the full interview. In other news, it has been announced that the UK government will no … Read the rest