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PD Lawton Africa hi speed hieroglyphs

My presentation for the Rising Tide Foundation covering two seemingly unrelated subjects, The African Integrated High Speed Railway Network and how the old Welsh language of Coelbren perfectly translates hieroglyphics because it is the same language. Both subjects are the enemies of the malthusian Anglo-American oligarchy!

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Ancient to Medieval Mali and Niger: Djenné-Djenno sister city of Timbuktu

Ancient to Medieval Mali and Niger: Djenné-Djenno sister city of Timbuktu

by PD Lawton     25 March 2024

image courtesy wikicommons : figure found at Djenné-Djenno still being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,New York.

Founded in the third century BCE, the city of Djenné-Djenno covered 33 hectares. It was … Read the rest

Of Minds and Men- On Universal History and the Creation of Aristocratic Men (Dr. Quan Le)

please take this chance to lift yourself and educate the mind. This lecture by Dr Quan Le with the Rising Tide Foundation takes the thought process of the Left-Right paradigm, of the `metacrisis`to an entirely different level. Dr Quan Le integrates ( meaning: makes whole) the human mind, our human … Read the rest

The Importance of Nioussérê Kalala Omotunde’s Work

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The Importance of Nioussérê Kalala Omotunde’s Work

Today, education in Africa is Eurocentric, meaning that African history is rarely well-taught in African schools. In Francophone Africa, the school manuals are written by Frenchmen on the continent, or in

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Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty? PD Lawton RTF Lecture

Source: Rising Tide Foundation

Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty? PD Lawton RTF Lecture

28 Dec 2021

In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture, Africa Agenda editor in chief PD Lawton takes you through a definitive history of Africa with a look to the future. PD introduces ancient African renaissance traditions that Read the rest

Ethiopia: “Divine Power”

Source: Jeff Pearce

Jeff Pearce and Jemal Countess were the first Western reporters to investigate the state of the Lalibela churches after the second liberation by Ethiopian federal forces. Confirming that the churches are intact, Jeff discusses for Arts TV how the TPLF occupation of Lalibela actually represents a spectacular … Read the rest

Foreign Interventionism in Ethiopia is an Attack on All Africa

“…therefore we need to protect our dignity throughout the continent. An attack on one is an attack on all. And we don`t have to distance ourselves from the situation in Ethiopia, we have to stand in solidarity with Ethiopia and do whatever we can do, denouncing all the injustices, all … Read the rest

How The City of London Has Kept Africa Underdeveloped and Poor – PD Lawton Presentation Interview

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