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US Mercenaries, Western NGOs and their Nefarious Impact on the African Continent

The co-opting of the Congo resistance, the Congo struggle in the United States by the intelligence sector is profound and this involves these various, not all, Congolese coalition groups. And the Enough Project is a project for the Centre for American Progress, was founded by John Podesta , Read the rest

The Role the United States Played in the Rwandan Genocide!

Keith Harmon Snow in conversation with Your World News Media

Paul Kagame, the current president of Rwanda, Yoweri Museveni, the current president of Uganda, these are the guys who led the invasion of Rwanda, backed by the Pentagon, backed by the Mossad, and began by exterminating, hunting down, shelling

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Paul Kagame: Made in America, Britain and Israel

Paul Kagame:  Made in America, Britain and Israel

Conflicts in the Great Lakes region of Africa – Origins and Solutions:

Presentation given by Keith Harmon Snow, Oslo, 24 October 2016

Keith Harmon Snow : Regent’s Lecturer in Law and Society at the University of California Santa Barbara, writer, photographer, war Read the rest

IN KAMPALA :Non-Aligned and G77 Summits: Join Us in Replacing Failed Colonial Order!

re posted from                      EXECUTIVE INTELLIGENCE REVIEW

This article appears in the February 2, 2024 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Non-Aligned and G77 Summits: Join Us in Replacing Failed Colonial Order!

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Representatives from across the Global South
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Non Aligned Movement Leaders Adopt Kampala Declaration

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22 January 2024

Kampala — Non Aligned Movement (NAM) leaders have adopted the Kampala Declaration where Heads of State and Government agree to strengthen the unity and cohesion of the movement as a political force in the international political arena

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