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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Completes Successful Four-Nation African Tour

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Completes Successful Four-Nation African Tour

by Janet G. West

June 5 (EIRNS)–Sputnik and other agencies reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov just completed his tour of Africa, and visited four nations–Kenya, Burundi, Mozambique and South Africa.

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Common currency, expansion : top discussions at BRICS FMs summit in Cape Town, South Africa

“They ( the Atlantic/NATO bloc) are building exclusive circles to suppress and contain the development of China and other developing countries. Essentially they do not want to allow the developing countries to achieve development or economic prosperity. This is in sharp contrast to what the BRICS is doing to be … Read the rest

BRICS summit mulling expansion to forge counterweight to West

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The BRICS is trying to create a “more inclusive” international order that “addresses the existing fault lines on the global geopolitical, geo-economic and financial architecture,” said South Africa’s Ambassador to BRICS, Anil Sooklal, in an interview with Japan Times.

“What you’re seeing here is that these

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Energy Expert Says : South Africa Needs Nuclear and Clean Coal to Reduce Unemployment and Poverty

“High efficiency and low-emission coal-fired power stations and nuclear power stations are the best and most efficient sources of generating electricity for base load because they are more reliable, efficient and have a far lower cost.

“Coal and nuclear are the best sources of energy that can be produced most Read the rest

South Africa: Mantashe Continues to Fight for Energy Sovereignty

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“You will know that we are working on a request for proposals for 2 500 MW of nuclear and sites have been identified . . . therefore we are hoping that at a point we will have more nuclear power around us.”

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Good For Minister Gwede! South Africa is Winning the Right to Stay Industrialized

Good For Gwede! South Africa is Winning the Right to Stay Industrialized

by PD Lawton    23 April 2023

Minister Gwede Mantashe at Klipspruit Colliery

Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, attended the recent opening of a new underground coal shaft at Klipspruit Colliery in the coal-rich Mpumalanga province … Read the rest

NUM backs Mantashe on pro-coal stance

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NUM backs Mantashe on pro-coal stance

Labour union the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has expressed its support for Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe’s pro-coal stance, alleging “coercion” is being employed to move the country away from the carbon-intensive fuel, driven … Read the rest

Thami Ka Plaatjie: Recognizing Robert Sobukwe as one of South Africa`s Greatest Men

Robert Sobukwe has been all but air-brushed from South African history.Thami ka Plaatjie has written a ground-breaking book on him and in this interview discusses why the establishment went to such pains to get rid of Robert Sobukwe

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