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Le Nucléaire en Afrique – Voir l’Afrique avec les yeux du futur #2

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29 Janvier 2023

Emission qui présente le développement du #nucleaire en #afrique par Sébastien #Périmony . Déjà de nombreux pays africains ont lancé leur propre programme de #nucleaire civil ( #egypte #ghana #éthiopie #kenyaRead the rest

South Africa May be Undergoing the Greatest Economic and Political Shift Since 1994

South Africa may be undergoing the greatest economic and political shift since 1994

by David Cherry ,        23 January 2022

The near-collapse of Eskom—the beating heart of the country—which had been allowed to happen by a combination of incompetence and oligarchic malevolence, may soon be turned around, thanks to the Read the rest

Does ice and snow in the North mean global cooling?

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The climate of the last hundred years has been generally benevolent, productive and peaceful, with less extreme weather than the previous few centuries. I expect this to continue on the whole. The problems of 2023 will not come from the climate but from politics. For … Read the rest

Energy Conference: South Africa needs a balance between different sources of energy

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He pointed out that South Africa has developed Small Modular Reactors, which is ideal for not only South Africa but also for other African countries.

He stressed that South Africans are highly competent in the field and appealed to African governments to develop the political

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“Climate Change” A Weapon to Prevent Industrialization of African Economies: Expect Push-Back at COP 27 in Egypt

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What the West is demanding of African nations goes beyond hypocrisy; it is immoral and wicked.

“Climate Change” A Weapon to Prevent Industrialization of African Economies: Expect Push-Back at COP 27 in Egypt

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November 6, 2022

Part I:  Energy for Read the rest

South Africa: State to Take on Eskom Debt with Conditionalities

It is largely due to the tenacity of Minister Gwede Mantashe, his common-sense and commitment to refusing to bow down to the renewables lobby that Treasury under Ramaphosa is now seeing the light. Eskom is Everything to the South African economy.

Minister Gwede Mantashe, responsible for saving South Africa`s industrial Read the rest