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President Akofu-Addo Challenges the Status Quo of Imperialism

Africa loses annually more than US$ 50 billion in illicit financial outflows. Between 2000 and 2008,  US$ 252 billion (which was 56% of the illicit outflow) was from the extractive industries ( MNC mining)

Source: Make Africa Great

Africa need honesty Lawyers on Mining, Africa Government and Mining Compony NOT

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La Guerre Contre le Carbone : coûteuse, inutile, criminelle

Faire la guerre au dioxyde de carbone aura-t-il des conséquences sur la vie des gens ? Est-ce que les pays en développement vont pouvoir se le permettre ?

Source: Solidarite et Progres

La guerre contre le carbone : coûteuse, inutile, criminelle – FVQC HS#6

2 Juin 2021

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Sensible, sustainable nuclear power for Africa

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Sensible, sustainable nuclear power for Africa

Economic, environmental and practical reasons make nuclear power Africa’s best option

Dr. Kelvin Kemm and Knox Msebenzi

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To Develop Africa, We Must Reject Green New Deal Dictates

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This article appears in the May 28, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

To Develop Africa, We Must Reject Green New Deal Dictates

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Ethiopia`s Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD): A PRIDE FOR ALL OF AFRICA

“Having reliable electricity is the backbone of industrialization”…” Without electricity transformation of the economy and the coming out of poverty, is impossible…Energy is everything”

Watch this video to see the incredible scale of this mega engineering project which is self funded by the Ethiopian State! It is going to … Read the rest