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Koeberg Unit 1 is safely and successfully synchronised to the grid

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Cape Town will now enjoy another 20 years of reliable baseload capacity that is generated from zero carbon Nuclear Power. The anti-nukes are not going to like it, because there is now no more need for extra transmission lines (that will be the Read the rest

Electricity should be sold as a service. Time to shift to new paradigm

please read this excellent  article on the most important issue of electricity as a service vs a commodity

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The consequence is that partial off-grid solutions (such as a solar panel on a residential household that draws electricity from Eskom at night) might appear more affordable than Read the rest

World Wide Utility Ownership

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World Wide Utility Ownership

There is no “best model”

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Government Of Ghana Seeks Funding For Development Of Nuclear Power Plant.

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Professor Dampare also shed light on the pivotal role played by the jointly established School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, a collaborative effort between the Commission and the University of Ghana, in nurturing human resources for the nuclear sector.

Government Of Ghana Seeks Funding

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Ni CFA, ni ECO: Mamadou Koulibaly sur les alternatives monétaires du Mali, Burkina, Niger

Source: Nathalie Yamb

13 Septembre 2023

Le Prof. Mamadou Koulibaly a animé une conférence intitulée: “A défaut de poursuivre le processus d’intégration vers l’ECO, quelles alternatives pour le Mali, le Burkina Faso, le Niger et la Read the rest

The New Cold War Plays Out in South Africa Over Electric Infrastructure

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The New Cold War Plays Out in South Africa Over Electric Infrastructure

How the Belt and Road Initiative Summit in China and Africa’s Energy Week Showcase a New Path Forward

Alex Dimitrios


Fox Green
23 Oct 2023
The modern Cold War is not about
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