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African Youth Favor China’s Development Policy Over the U.S.

re posted from                      AFRICA AND THE WORLD

African Youth Favor China’s Development Policy Over the U.S.

June 29, 2022

According to a recent survey by Ichikowitz Family Foundation, African youth favor China’s involvement on the continent over that of the United States.

In an article from the VOA-Voice of America,Read the rest

African Development Funded by the Pan African Tax

Burundian author, Christophe Ndayiragije joins Ethiopian OBN Future Africa to discuss his proposal for Africa to self-finance key infrastructure. He is the author of a revolutionary book : AFRICA The Rising Economic Power.

Source: OBN Oromiyaa [Oromia Broadcasting Network]

FUTURE AFRICA With Christophe Ndayiragije

9 May 2022… Read the rest

For the Development of Africa: Know and Apply Franklin Roosevelt’s Credit Policy

“Rightly, many of my African friends today complain of the Bretton Woods system because of its unfair treatment especially, towards the developing sector. However, the International Monetary Fund-IMF and World Bank today are not what Franklin Roosevelt intended when he created these institutions in 1944. His intent which is clear … Read the rest

Ukraine Has Lost the War: But Thermonuclear War Still Threatens

“There Can Be No Peace Without the Bankruptcy Reorganization of the Dying Trans-Atlantic Financial System.”

Source: Schiller Institute

Ukraine Has Lost the War: But Thermonuclear War Still Threatens

21 June 2022

Recorded June 13, 2022 Excerpted from the June 18-19 Schiller Institute conference, “There Can Be No Peace Without the Read the rest

Why Has Fighting in Ukraine Led to Food Emergencies in Africa?

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What is needed to end food insecurity is for Africa nations to build their own robust agricultural and manufacturing sectors. There are oligarchical financial interests, steeped in the colonial mind-set, who do not want Africa nations to develop, to become industrialized. There are Read the rest

Nuclear Energy can be an Answer to Electricity Deficit-Kalunga

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“Mr Kalunga says nuclear energy provides electricity that is not affected by fluctuations in weather patterns.”

Nuclear energy can be an answer to electricity deficit-Kalunga

June 1, 2022

Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Kennedy Kalunga says investment in nuclear energy has immense benefits of reliable, … Read the rest