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Energy Poverty Is Killing Africans-Renewables Are Insufficient

Renewables are not capable of powering an industrialized economy.

re posted from                      LAWRENCE FREEMAN AFRICA AND THE WORLD

Energy Poverty Is Killing Africans-Renewables Are Insufficient

27 April , by Lawrence Freeman


Access to electricity for sub-Saharan nations is abysmal. A leading factor in the prevalence of poverty and hunger.
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Congo DRC shocks the World, Warns Apple Company, to take back their Minerals.

Bravo! President Tshisekedi

Source: Make Afrika Great

27 April 2024

The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has accused the Apple Company of using Minerals mined illegally in the East of the country to make Read the rest

“We asked the Zionists not to be retarded”

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

19 April 2024

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Russia’s Strategy as War Continues | Israel in the Process of Self-Destruction | Dmitry Orlov

Source: Dialogue Works

13 April 2024

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