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Glencore pleads guilty to foreign bribery and market manipulation in 7 African states

Source: SABC News

The United States Justice Department this week announced a settlement deal of over 1 billion dollars with Swiss-Anglo Mining Company Glencore, after the company agreed to plead guilty in two separate criminal cases. According to the U.S. Attorney General the cases represent the largest criminal enforcement Read the rest

Nuclear Energy can be an Answer to Electricity Deficit-Kalunga

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“Mr Kalunga says nuclear energy provides electricity that is not affected by fluctuations in weather patterns.”

Nuclear energy can be an answer to electricity deficit-Kalunga

June 1, 2022

Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Kennedy Kalunga says investment in nuclear energy has immense benefits of reliable, … Read the rest

Princy Mthombeni: Nuclear Technology for Africa`s Agenda for Sustainable Development

A kettle boiled twice a day by a family in Britain uses 5x as much electricity as a person in Mali uses per year
An Ethiopian takes 87x longer to consume 150kW hours of electricity than someone in the United Kingdom
A Tanzanian takes 8 years to consume as much Read the rest

Actually You Can Eat Roads : Is Zambia Being Punished for Friendship with China ?

Actually you can eat roads :
Is Zambia being punished for Friendship with China ?

by PD Lawton   21 September 2021

image: former president, Edgar Chagwa Lungu greeting Chinese civil engineers

Zambia`s former president, Edgar Chagwa Lungu has questioned the results of Zambia`s recent elections held on the 12 … Read the rest

Le nucléaire : une part de la réponse à la pénurie d’électricité en Afrique sub-saharienne ?

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Le nucléaire : une part de la réponse à la pénurie d’électricité en Afrique sub-saharienne ?

Dans cet article d’opinion, Isabel Bosman, du think tank SAIIA (South African Institute of International Affairs), soutient que, malgré ses écueils, le nucléaire reste une voie à Read the rest

The Silent Revolution in African Rail

“The real friends of Africa now are those trying to bridge the infrastructure deficit…..China has done it. It has pumped billions of dollars into the Belt and Road Initiative. Now, whatever critisism they have on that initiative, it has helped Africa. It has opened up Africa and it has challenged Read the rest

Energy Highways Uniting East and Southern African States !

this is a really positive promotional video by the Kenyan transmission company. Great idea to get the public motivated and proud of all the transformative infrastructure projects that are being achieved! The southern African electricity pool is now connecting to the east African electricity pool, connecting South Africa to Zambia … Read the rest