The untold truth about Humanitarian Aid

In 2012 UK AID ( DIFD Department for International Development) was found to have spent 20 million euros on stays at 5 star hotels, 6 million euros on a university studying mental health, 3.9 million euros on an African election think tank, 400 000 euros on furniture for a new branch in India.

In 2011 $7.5 billion was given to Congo. $5 billion of that was taken off to repay debts

Aid is no longer a noble deed, it is a business model. It is the oligarchy`s  money laundering scheme that diverts tax payer money to its own corporations

Source: WION

Gravitas Plus: The untold truth about Humanitarian Aid

30 July 2022

Where does aid money really go? Does it even reach the intended recipients or does it get lost in distribution? Palki Sharma deconstructs some figures to explain how humanitarian aid has become a bit of a farce.

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