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COP 28 and Neocolonial tools : Jusper Machogu

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COP 28 Day 6

Yet Another Big Announcement By The UN!

Let’s talk about green Hydrogen!

Neocolonial tool number 2 had a tiny Energy density when compared to diesel (960,000 times)!

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UNDICTATED: SA’s lost nuclear opportunity ready for comeback, can end blackouts

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In this episode of UNDICTATED, Kemm offers context into why nuclear went off the rails in SA – and why the country may finally be ready to cash in on its world-class expertise and in some areas, global leadership.

UNDICTATED: SA’s lost nuclear opportunity ready

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Koeberg Unit 1 is safely and successfully synchronised to the grid

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Cape Town will now enjoy another 20 years of reliable baseload capacity that is generated from zero carbon Nuclear Power. The anti-nukes are not going to like it, because there is now no more need for extra transmission lines (that will be the Read the rest

Electricity should be sold as a service. Time to shift to new paradigm

please read this excellent  article on the most important issue of electricity as a service vs a commodity

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The consequence is that partial off-grid solutions (such as a solar panel on a residential household that draws electricity from Eskom at night) might appear more affordable than Read the rest

Government Of Ghana Seeks Funding For Development Of Nuclear Power Plant.

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Professor Dampare also shed light on the pivotal role played by the jointly established School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, a collaborative effort between the Commission and the University of Ghana, in nurturing human resources for the nuclear sector.

Government Of Ghana Seeks Funding

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The New Cold War Plays Out in South Africa Over Electric Infrastructure

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The New Cold War Plays Out in South Africa Over Electric Infrastructure

How the Belt and Road Initiative Summit in China and Africa’s Energy Week Showcase a New Path Forward

Alex Dimitrios


Fox Green
23 Oct 2023
The modern Cold War is not about
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South Africa’s First Mini Nuclear Reactor Planned for the Western Cape


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South Africa’s first mini nuclear reactor planned for the Western Cape

The Western Cape could get South Africa’s first mini nuclear reactor as early as 2026, Sunday news Rapport reports.The … Read the rest

Energy and Ambition in Kenya, with Jusper Machogu

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Energy and Ambition in Kenya, with Jusper Machogu

12 October 2023

Jusper Machogu (Substack | Twitter) is a farmer and graduate agricultural engineer living and working in Kisii, south-western Kenya. He was formerly a Greenpeace member and he wanted to improve the … Read the rest

Burkina Faso to construct a Nuclear Power Plant I Recognize Thomas SANKARA as national HERO

Make Afrika Great explains what President Ibrahim Traore is doing to follow in the footsteps of Sankara, to build up Burkina Faso`s self reliance. Also discussed: why democratic elections, although the preferred system, do cause huge problems for Africa

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