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Energy Conference: South Africa needs a balance between different sources of energy

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He pointed out that South Africa has developed Small Modular Reactors, which is ideal for not only South Africa but also for other African countries.

He stressed that South Africans are highly competent in the field and appealed to African governments to develop the political

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COP 27 “Climate Change” Will Reduce Economic Growth in African Nations-Causing Increased Death Rates

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COP 27 “Climate Change” Will Reduce Economic Growth in African Nations-Causing Increased Death Rates

by Lawrence Freeman   8 November 2022

In my interview above with Rogue News-, I explain why COP 27 demands for African nations not to exploit their own … Read the rest

“Climate Change” A Weapon to Prevent Industrialization of African Economies: Expect Push-Back at COP 27 in Egypt

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What the West is demanding of African nations goes beyond hypocrisy; it is immoral and wicked.

“Climate Change” A Weapon to Prevent Industrialization of African Economies: Expect Push-Back at COP 27 in Egypt

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November 6, 2022

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South Africa: State to Take on Eskom Debt with Conditionalities

It is largely due to the tenacity of Minister Gwede Mantashe, his common-sense and commitment to refusing to bow down to the renewables lobby that Treasury under Ramaphosa is now seeing the light. Eskom is Everything to the South African economy.

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Eskom is robbing South Africans

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She added that Eskom is neglecting the base load because it is said the CEO has completely given up on Eskom power generation plants and that Andre de Ruyter has, in few instances, referred to Eskom as a “dead horse”.

Watch: ‘Eskom is robbing South Africans’

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Overcoming Geopolitical and Ideological Barriers to International Development Financing

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Nearly all energy policies being pursued under the guise of stopping “climate change” either ignore or misrepresent the science of energy, both by refusing to promote nuclear energy—the greatest CO2-free energy source—and by making impossible claims about the potential to develop a Read the rest

Gayton McKenzie on Eurocentric Energy Policy”Europe has a Problem, not us”

Gayton McKenzie, South African self-made, super-successful entrepreneur and founder of the Patriotic Alliance says it is completely possible to resolve South Africa`s energy crisis within a very short time. He says that Europe is the one with the energy crisis, not South Africa which has sun, wind, nuclear, shale gas … Read the rest

South Africa’s Small Nuclear Reactors

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Naturally, the anti-nuclear greens, who are politically powerful and control most of the media, would try to stop it. If we could sort these things out, South Africa could lead the world on small, extremely safe nuclear reactors, make a lot of money selling them,

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Solar and Wind are Technologically Backward Forms of Energy Production

As pointed out in this article renewables are not progress, they are  backward forms of energy production. These lower energy dense systems will not sustain African populations at a higher standard of living. The highest energy density comes from nuclear. Africa must go nuclear to end poverty.

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Folly of capital allocation in SA for energy security

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In the Wall Street Journal on August 24, Richard Vanderford penned a piece, saying that Texas, in the US, had blacklisted BlackRock, BNP Paribas, UBS and other institutions for allegedly boycotting the fossil-fuel industry, the energy base of that state.

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