BRI and Africa

Source: BRIX Sweden

Hussein Askary, Vice-Chairman of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden explains the difference in the approach of China and Europe towards Africa.

Source: Schiller Institute

Africa’s Bright Future on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Streamed live on 7 Apr 2018

Jason Ross, co-author of the Schiller institute Special Report, “Extending The New Silk Road To West Africa And Asia: A Vision Of An Economic Renaissance,” delivers the second address of the April 7 International Schiller Institute conference. With a population the size of that of India, and the youngest population of any continent in the world, Africa’s physical economic development through joint work done by the United States with China would silence the racialists of the old colonial regimes forever. The world’s two largest economies, using Sun Yat-Sen’s and Abraham Lincoln’s “Three Principles of the People,” could spearhead an anti-colonial development process, removing the poverty that triggers radicalism and war.

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