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Connecting the Dots: The Strategic Value of Africa with Lawrence Freeman

Matt Ehret talks to Africa expert Lawrence Freeman about the Horn of Africa, the British manipulation of wars in on the Continent and a pathway towards peace

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

Connecting the Dots: The Strategic Value of Africa with Lawrence Freeman

Nov 28, 2023

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PD Lawton Interview – Gaddafi was murdered for financial reasons

in this interview with Norwegian podcast Antijantepodden, PD Lawton discusses why Gadaffi was murdered and how the NATO alliance created the conditions that have resulted in mass immigration and the rise in Islamic extremism

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AJP 115 | PD Lawton – Gaddafi was murdered for financial reasons

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The Kissinger Report, a Frontal Attack Against African Populations

Why is there still so much poverty in Africa? The Malthusian doctrine devised by Henry Kissinger to keep Africans suffering and for the survivors of poverty and war, there is birth control by one way or another. Henry Kissinger acts for the Western oligarchy. Subtitles in English on Nathalie  Yamb`s … Read the rest

Le Rapport Kissinger, une Attaque Frontale Contre les Populations Africaines

très, très important pour la histoire des Africaines
Source: Nathalie Yamb

Le rapport Kissinger, une attaque frontale contre les populations africaines

6 Octobre 2023

Nathalie Yamb explique comment le dossier NSSM-200, plus connu comme le rapport Kissinger, a inscrit la dépopulation du Tiers-Monde comme fondement de la politique étrangère des

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South Africa Must De-Link from the British Commonwealth Model

prepare to have your minds blown with this astonishing interview… the de Villiers Commission : policy paper for the de-industrialization of post apartheid South Africa …and much much more . Interview with Crown Prince Adil Nchabeleng, independent energy expert.

Source: Morning Shot

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South Africa and the Anglo-American Corporation: Africa’s Liberation from the Rhodes’ Legacy is Now

Presentation by PD Lawton – topics discussed: political leverage by South Africa`s largest and oldest corporation, HIV AIDS – Dr Nancy Turner Banks, Black Economic Empowerment, Robert Sobukwe, ESKOM and the attack on South African industrial capacity

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

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Patrice Lumumba Speech in Accra, Ghana, in 1958

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Down with colonialism and imperialism!
Down with racism and tribalism!
And long live the Congolese nation, long live independent Africa!
-Lumumba in 1958

Patrice Lumumba Speech in Accra, Ghana, in 1958

Patrice Lumumba

Every June 30, we commemorate

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