Interview :The Cult of the Toothpick King: Rwanda, Genocide, Western Terrorism & White Supremacy

This is another powerful and extremely informative exclusive interview with world renown investigative journalist, author, and activist, Keith Harmon Snow to discuss vastly underreported historical facts and perspectives regarding the Rwandan Genocide, Western Terrorism, Genocide (including Gaza), and White Supremacy. Please tune in and share the information!

Keith Harmon Snow `s article on the history of the `Rwanda system`

The Cult of the Toothpick King

en francais: Le Culte du Roi du Cure- Dent


Source: Your World News Media

26 April 2024

“There is the mainstream narrative of what has happened in Rwanda and Congo and Burundi and Uganda and Sudan and there is the alternative narrative. I’m going to be introducing the mainstream narrative to start with; pretty much what we the general public have been told about the conflict in Central Africa. And then I would like to get into the way I see it. And you don’t have to believe what I believe but I ask you to think for yourself at the very least. It’s easy to name call and to throw around a lot of accusations and a lot of criticisms, such as genocide denier or genocide negationist or Jew hater or Tutsi hater or Hutu hater or whatever you want and I’m going to try to limit the name calling to focusing on a few individuals who have been responsible for some of the most egregious and horrible terrorism on the planet Earth since we have known anything we would call civilization.”

“If we just talked about white mining systems in Congo, we could go back to the first mining and go all the way up to the present without ever mentioning people like Lumumba and just talk about how those stories have been `whited` out and by the way in what is today  Lubumbashi and was then Elizabethville, in the 1950s rose this very powerful elite Jewish-Israeli faction which was in control of diamonds and other raw materials, that can be directly connected today to the genocide in the Congo and the construction of the State of Israel. Now I`ve said it over and over, the State of Israel was built on blood diamonds coming from the Congo, not only the Congo, coming from Kwame Nkrumah`s Ghana , they also came from Botswana”

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