South Africa Set to Export Small Modular Reactors in 5 years !

The South African Small Modular Reactor is the ideal solution to energy needs. It is the ENERGY SOURCE OF THE FUTURE. Dr Kelvin Kemm in conversation with Biz News

Source: Biz News

SA set to export nuclear reactors in 5 years…

9 May 2024

Nuclear physicist Dr. Kelvin Kemm of Stratek Global, the company behind the local development of a Small Nuclear Reactor system, aims to be ready to export the reactors in five years’ time. He tells BizNews that there has been interest from places as far afield as Canada, “great interest” from Australia, as well as from parties in the Middle East that want to put small reactors in the desert and on the coastlines. Even the US is “very interested”. So are a number of European countries. Several African countries also want to acquire the Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). Dr Kemm stresses that nuclear power “is incredibly safe” – and “the greenest, cleanest, cheapest, safest power you can get”.

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