The Mining Companies which Raped Zambia are Back

Dr Fred M`membe speaks about the Anglo-American oligarchy that began with Cecil John Rhodes and the Rothschilds, how their City of London and Wall Street mining corporations have  power over southern African governments and how they create and manipulate opposition candidates like Bobi Wine in Uganda and the liberal party in South Africa, the DA ( Democratic Alliance). Highly informative interview with the good Mr Galloway.

Source: George Galloway

19 May 2023

“Zambia used tone a progressive country under Kenneth Kaunda. Today it’s a puppet of imperialism, as it was before liberation says the leader of the country’s socialist party, Dr Fred M’Membe


editor: please see my article on the Zambian elections posted 21 September 2021 on this website : “ Actually You can Eat Roads : Is Zambia being Punished for Friendship with China” by PD Lawton

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