President Ruto`s Candid and Humorous Speech to the AU: No More Kowtowing to the Developed World!

President Ruto`s Candid and Humorous Speech to the AU: No More Kowtowing to the Developed World! Take up your rightful place. The way forward is in African unity!

This speech received a standing ovation in the AU Parliament. It obviously resonated with all the members. Africa will no longer be the humble underdog of the world.

“All we get is photos!”

President Ruto describes the West`s tactics of endless conferences that African leaders are obliged to attend. They are informed that if they do not attend: there will be consequences. The conferences have very few outcomes except dinners and photo opportunities. Africans are not permitted to represent themselves through their regional blocs but are invited en masse. This tactic ensures for the West the continuation of the status quo, the long held process of gradualism first deployed more than 60 years ago that rendered the original African Union, the OAU, divided and ineffective.

The Africa Union Reform Agenda must therefore become a priority decision. And you must, members of Parliament, you must interrogate and conduct the process to ensure that structurally, the roles of the Bureau, Summit, committees, regional caucuses, Secretariat and Commission are rationalized to give Africa a feat-full purpose continental governing body worth its name.”

on the United Nations:

“Our own Peace and Security Fund is funded by others. We have a problem!”

Re-configuration and reform the United Nations Security Council “to a more representative global council that works for the interests of the whole world. Africa must have a minimum of 2 permanent seats

on  representing Africa`s interests:

We will be going to Paris because we want to occupy every space, we are going to be consistent, we are going to be coherent. We are going to be audible until there is no place to hide, until the conferences are stopped. Otherwise we will make them noisy, we will make them messy and there will be consequences if we are not heard! We are refusing to stay on the margins anymore! We want to be at the table because we are told that the risk of not being at the table is that you could be in the menu. So we are going to occupy every space. We have been gentlemen for far too long. We are now going to appropriate our place because we have a contribution to make. ”

Source: Kenya News AlertsTV

17 May 2023


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