Uprising in Kenya : IMF Don`t Want Their Money Back. They Want Your Country

The president of Kenya has long been regarded as a Western client, if not puppet, and that is not without reason. He has regularly ingratiated himself with the West. He has been pursuing neo-liberal economic policy within Kenya which have made the lives of people increasingly miserable so this has resulted predictably in protests that began peacefully and turned violent because of the police, the police shot at peaceful protestors.Now they are calling for the removal of the president of Kenya, William Ruto. Now what I would say about that situation is it is similar to the situation before it, in Sudan and similar to the situation before Sudan, in Egypt where the people are protesting against the government for policies the government is implementing which the government is held hostage to implement in favour of multi national corporations and international lenders, chief among them, the International Monetary Fund.
In fact the bill that stirred the protests in Kenya, initially, is basically an IMF bill, a Structural Adjustment Reform, an Austerity Measure that is being demanded by the IMF of the Ruto government………
Coca-Cola, General Electric, Standard Charter, Barclays Bank, Safaricom, Nestle, IBM, Toyota  These are the beneficiaries of the economic policies.
Shahid Bolsen

Source: Middle Nation

Uprising in Kenya

9 July 2024

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