Resource Control or Spiritual Control: What Motives the Oligarchy? [RTF Q&A with Dr. Quan Le]

During the Roman Empire, General Agricola was the Roman Governor of Britain (1AD), who was tasked with conquering Ireland. The Romans regarded the Irish as savages not even fit to be slaves. Agricola was asked by his son-in-law, Tacitus : why bother conquering Ireland when these savages pose no threat to the Roman Empire?

Agricola gave the same answer that is the motivation of the oligarchy today, when they destroy leadership of integrity in Africa:

Agricola said: But my dear Tacitus you do not understand, even if they are not fit to be slaves, they will give hope to the people around them that it is possible to be free. So we will have to crush them in order to show those savages that the Roman power is at the top and there is no way to resist them.

Thomas Sankara, President of Burkina Faso

Source: Rising Tide Foundation

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