Imagine Project Iron Boomerang in West to Central Africa

What if there was a mega-infrastructure project to produce all of West Africa`s steel….from the iron ore super deposits of Guinea and of Sierra Leone,  connecting to steel mills like Maluku in DRC that is powered by the Inga Dam….

Source: Australian Citizens Party

Project Iron Boomerang is an AUD$100 billion ($US70bn) infrastructure project for Australia that would revolutionise the global steel making industry; revive Australian manufacturing; resurrect value-adding sectors; and permanently employ tens of thousands of people. It involves building a 3300 km heavy freight transcontinental rail line, rail rolling stock, ten steel mills, two dock-locked ports, and a fleet of more than 50 specialty ships, in order to both produce and export 44 million tonnes of first stage steel a year. On 5 September 2022, the Australian Senate voted to launch an Inquiry into the Project for the first time. In this interview, we speak to two of the experts who first developed the idea in 2005 and have championed it ever since.


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