The Worldwide Peace Movement (Panel 2) -Cooperation with the Global South

Source: Schiller Institute

Panel II Why it is in the strategic Interest of European Nations to cooperate with the Global South

MODERATOR: Elke Fimmen

Jacques Cheminade, President Solidarite & Progres: “The Rise of the Global South against Geopolitical Blocs”;

Julio Miguel de Vido, former Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (2003-2015) during the governments of both Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, Argentina : “Planning for Integration, Cooperation and Growth with the BRICS: Missteps and Risks”;

Dr. Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Vatan Party, Türkiye : « The decisive Importance of the Alliance between Türkiye, Russia, Iran and China at the edge of Entering the Eurasian Era »

Patricia Lalonde, former MEP, associate researcher at Institut Prospective et Sécurité en Europe (IPSE); “Syria, Reasons for Hope”;

Herve Machenaud, former Executive Director of the EDF Group (for engineering and generation) and former Director of the Asia-Pacific branch, France: “The History of France-China Relations, the Example of Nuclear Power”;

Dora Muanda, Teacher, biologist, scientific director of the Kinshasa Science and Technology Week, Democratic Republic of Congo, RDC: “Humanity and Africa need science”;

Dr Andrews Nkansah, Undersecretary General of the African Diaspora Congress (USA), Ghana: “Strategic Partnership for the Rapid Development of Africa”;

Alain Gachet, water specialist, president of Radar Technologies International (RTI), inventor of the Watex (Water Exploration) process for locating aquifer resources by satellite – Introduction by Jacques Cheminade: “Water for Peace and Development”;

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