Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Completes Successful Four-Nation African Tour

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Completes Successful Four-Nation African Tour

by Janet G. West

June 5 (EIRNS)–Sputnik and other agencies reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov just completed his tour of Africa, and visited four nations–Kenya, Burundi, Mozambique and South Africa.

This unannounced visit came on the heels of the tour of several African nations last week by his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba.

On May 29, Lavrov arrived in Nairobi to meet with top government officials. During the visit, he announced the delivery of over 35 thousand tons of free concentrated fertilizer, which will produce about 100,000 tons of ready-made fertilizer.

Kenya’s major crops are maize, wheat, rice, potatoes, and beans; an estimated 30% of crops are lost due to crop diseases, pests and weeds.
Lavrov also gave the go-ahead for the establishment of a commission on cooperation between Russia and Kenya.

Sputnik reported, “‘During our visit, we will discuss our cooperation in the trade, investment and economic spheres, humanitarian and cultural questions, education, cooperation in the UN and many other issues,’ Lavrov told Kenyan lawmakers, according to the Russian foreign ministry.”

The next stop of the Russian delegation was to Burundi on May 30, where they were given a warm welcome in the economic capital, Bujumbura, which is located “on the shores of Lake Tanganyika – the second-largest fresh-water lake in the world.”

It was Lavrov’s first visit to Burundi, and this land-locked African country is clearly anticipating increased cooperation with Russia, as it had opened the Russkiy Mir Center at the Center for the Study of Foreign Languages of the University of Burundi, on May 15, 2023. The opening ceremony included an exhibition entitled “Beauty of Russia”; Russian-language classes opened on June 1, and 115 people immediately enrolled.

Lavrov came with economic, trade and education offers, and affirmed that Russia will assist Burundi in the development of its nuclear Industry.
Burundi, along with several other African nations, have come under pressure from the West to end economic cooperation with Russia, due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But it–and many others–refused to buckle.

“‘We are a sovereign nation, so we are free to choose our partners, while taking into consideration the interest of our population,’ Burundi Foreign Minister Albert Shingiro said”, reported Sputnik.

Lavrov’s next stop was Mozambique, where he met with the president, top diplomats and other government officials, regarding agreements on expanding energy and automotive production.

His last stop was Cape Town, South Africa, where he attended the meeting of the BRICS ministers.

Sputnik pointed out, “With several countries expressing interest in joining BRICS, including some African nations, the organization, which already represents 42% of the world’s population and occupies 26% of the planet’s territory, seems to have a lot of potential for growth.”

The second Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum is scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg July 26–29, 2023.


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