RICHARD SAKWA – The Lost Peace: How the West Failed to Prevent a Second Cold War

Richard Sakwa talks about the political West, the imperial West, and its war-mongering , insane Rules Based Order and how he sees no hope at all in leadership of the European Union or Britain but does have a measure of hope for America and its ability to bring better leadership to the fore. Excellent talk from this learned voice of Reason, Prof. Richard Sakwa

Source: Praxis Peace Institute

May 17, 2024

Richard Sakwa’s book, “The Lost Peace” is the basis for this interview. We discuss the impact of NATO expansion, the rise of a new non-aligned movement, Gorbachev’s vision for a post-cold-war era, the Minsk II agreement, a short timeline on Ukraine politics from 1990 to 2014, and where the mulit-polar order is emerging.


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