Ndayishimiye’s Urgent call to Rwandans to free themselves from Kagame’s grip and the FPR regime

Source: Media Kigali

Ndayishimiye’s Urgent call to Rwandans to free themselves from Kagame’s grip and the FPR regime

22 January 2024

President Ndayishimiye’s urgent call to Rwandans to liberate themselves from Kagame’s grip and the FPR regime is a significant development. He emphasizes the need for the Rwandan people, especially the youth, to break free from the influence of criminal Rwandan leaders, accusing them of consistently causing trouble in neighboring countries like the DRC and Burundi.

This call is crucial for fostering positive relations among Rwandans, Congolese, and Burundians, and it highlights the key role of liberation in reconciliation and the ability to democratically choose leaders in Rwanda. The recent events surrounding President Tshisekedi’s swearing-in ceremony, the warm reception of President Ndayishimiye in Kinshasa, and his bold statement regarding Rwanda’s Kagame collectively pose challenges for Kagame and his regime.

The presence of numerous African presidents at Tshisekedi’s ceremony underscores a regional focus on stability and democratic values in the DRC, signaling unfavorable news for Kagame. The positive reception of Ndayishimiye in Kinshasa adds complexity to Kagame’s regional position, with the call for military intervention indicating a shift in strategy to proactively address actions threatening the stability of the DRC and Burundi.

In the wake of these events, there is a tangible call to action for the DRC and Burundi to confront the destabilizing influence attributed to Rwandan President Paul Kagame. The proposal for military intervention is based on the belief that Kagame, historically depicted as reacting only to force, can be compelled to cease his alleged interference through a language he is supposed to understand – that of guns and bullets. However, the international community is closely watching, aware of the delicate regional dynamics and the broader implications for peace and stability in the Great Lakes region. The coming months could witness a recalibration of strategies with the ultimate goal of preserving the well-being and sovereignty of the DRC and Burundi amid persistent challenges

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