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Keith Harmon Snow on the Rwanda Genocide Gestalt

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The above photo, taken by Keith, is a survivor and soldier of the Forces for the Democratic Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) standing guard during “peace negotiations” with the United Nations (UN) in the eastern Congo.

To be clear, a lot of Rwandans were murdered during “the 100 days” of April 1994. Probably hundreds of thousands more than the official account.

That’s not where the myth(s) are found.

The myth(s) are a multilayered consequence of US-backed propaganda and international confusion resulting from deliberately skewed reporting.

Put another way, the mainstream narrative is that the Hutu-led government orchestrated an ethnically-driven genocide of Tutsis (with a few moderate Hutus thrown in for good measure). We are told that around one million “cockroach” Tutsis were murdered by the Hutus after the aircraft carrying President Juvénal Habyarimana was shot down on 6 April.

Except that, well, it’s nonsense, and Hotel Rwanda is a propaganda piece.

For example, Hutus—not Tutsis—made up the majority of those slaughtered.

What actually happened was a multipronged, violent coup d’état backed by various international interests including Uganda and the United States. A genocide was one limb of the entire body. A Western-backed civil war was another limb.

Paul Kagame, coincidentally, has been the president ever since.

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