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Exclusive: Professor Avi Shlaim says “anti-Semitism was a European, not Arab problem”

humbled by this man

Source: TRT World

16 Feb 2024

British-Israeli historian Professor Avi Shlaim was born in Iraq to Jewish parents in 1945, and moved to the newly established State of Israel as a 5-year-old. He speaks Read the rest

MORE EVIDENCE : RWANDA IS THE AGGRESSOR IN DRC :63 Rwandan Troops Captured fighting for M23 in Congo. RDF Troops in Congo


Rwandan military on rotational 1 month operations in Congo. There is no such thing as M23. M23 ARE THE PROFESSIONAL RWANDAN ARMY. Look at this Rwandan POW , he is half starved, a Rwandan from rural Rwanda conscripted to fight in Congo. … Read the rest

How Multi National Corporations Rule Under the neo-Liberal `Free Trade` System

super informative interview

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

Feb 12, 2024

On today’s show, Brady (AKA. War_Hamster) discusses United Fruit Company and its connections to the ugly underbelly of US foreign relations and intelligence.

February 10, 2024 Watch Connecting the Dots Read the rest

Philippe Grégoire : FNSEA, oligopole, histoire et fonctionnement de l’agriculture française

Source: Solidarité et Progrès,

13 Fev 2024

Jacques Cheminade s’est entretenu avec Philippe Grégoire, exploitant agricole en polyculture et élevage, responsable agriculture à République souveraine, et membre du Samu Social Agricole National. Quelles sont les causes de la crise Read the rest

Paul Kagame: Made in America, Britain and Israel

Paul Kagame:  Made in America, Britain and Israel

Conflicts in the Great Lakes region of Africa – Origins and Solutions:

Presentation given by Keith Harmon Snow, Oslo, 24 October 2016

Keith Harmon Snow : Regent’s Lecturer in Law and Society at the University of California Santa Barbara, writer, photographer, war Read the rest