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Panel of Experts Discuss Significance of Ethiopia’s Historic 4th Filling of the GERD for Africa

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The world, the physical universe we live in, has changed; and our planet will never go back to the way it was before. The newly expanded BRICS, with its own Development Bank, is in its embryonic stage of becoming an alternative political-economic institution Read the rest

Progress of the African Integrated High Speed Railway Network : Fast Track Proposal and Challenges: Rowland Ataguba

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BRICS : History in the Making by the Global South, by the Global Majority

In contrast to the arrogance of the unipolar world controlled by the Western banking elite, we have today an emerging NEW PARADIGM, represented in the concepts of the BRICS alliance of nations.

The following are some of the key points made at a recent international conference hosted from Tanzania

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Super comprehensive presentation for the Free Market Foundation in Johannesburg,on nuclear energy by South African civil nuclear engineer,Hügo Krüger.

Image: Tsipise, Venda

The following are some of the key issues presented:

Nuclear Power Basics: excellent explanation of how a nuclear plant works. Energy and Economics: energy densities of different … Read the rest

Everything You Are Not Being Told About Africa & Why It Matters

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  • Is the Western political and financial oligarchical elite brain dead or can they change in accordance with reality?
  • Why is the West scared of the newly expanded BRICS?

Everything You Are Not Being Told About Africa & Why It Matters

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