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DAY 1 – Post Vax/Long Covid Congress – The Silent Disaster, SAT 26th AUG 2023

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING. click on link below for unedited conference

Source: Vejon Health

26 August 2023


Bringing some of the best researchers together from across the world to expand Read the rest

Professor Dolores Cahill discusses Autoimmunity – Relevant to vaccines?

strongly recommended : full interview can be accessed in the link below the video which is Dr Philip McMillan`s substack

Source: Vejon Health

Prof Cahill is one of the most significant autoimmune experts in the world. Listen to Read the rest

Anthony Brink on Thabo Mbeki being right about HIV

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Anthony Brink is an advocate of the High Court of South Africa and argues that former South African president Thabo Mbeki was right about HIV not causing

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South Africa and the Anglo-American Corporation: Africa’s Liberation from the Rhodes’ Legacy is Now

Presentation by PD Lawton – topics discussed: political leverage by South Africa`s largest and oldest corporation, HIV AIDS – Dr Nancy Turner Banks, Black Economic Empowerment, Robert Sobukwe, ESKOM and the attack on South African industrial capacity

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

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